Advent of Code

Every december something amazing happens. Programmers voluntarily wake up at 6.00am and solve small cozy problems in Advent of Code. See you there!

How to join our leaderboard and competition:

  1. Create a user on If you log in with a Github account you can even showcase your nice solutions.
  2. Join our leaderboard by entering the code 1879790-c5f106dc on the leaderboard page.

Advent of Code is a global advent calendar created by Eric Wastl. The problems start quite easy and get more and more difficult the closer they get to Christmas. We at LiTHe kod have created a private leaderboard which unlike the global leaderboard only contains students at LiU and other friends of LiTHe kod. (The global leaderboard is practically filled to the brim with professional competitive programmers.)

In addition to our Advent of Code leaderboard, we also arrange our own competition. We use a sorting that's a little different to the one on Advent of Code's site where we primarily sort by number of stars and secondarily by the number of points. Only people studying at LiU are eligible to compete but you can press a super advanced button below to also show non-competitors. If you think that you should be on the competition list but aren't, please contact someone on the board and we'll take a look at it. (You can also contact us if you don't want to be on the competition list.)

Prizes are dealt out to the winners when the competition ends at 2023-12-25 23:59

Last updated: 2023-11-30