LiU Game Jam

LiU Game Jam

Welcome to LiU Game Jam! We are a subgroup in LiTHe kod who organizes three game jams every year.

Here you can read about our next game jam, check out our old jams and read up on great tools for game jams.

Spring Game Jam 2024

Spring Game Jam 2024

Our next game jam will be Spring Game Jam 2024 which will take place 12-14 April. Read more on the jam-page and prepare in our Discord server!

What is a game jam?

A game jam is an event where programmers, artists and gamers come together to create games; both computer games and board games. At our game jam there is a 48 hours time limit and a randomized theme for inspiration.

First game jam?

No worries! We are organizing two workshops, the 9th and the 14th where we will go over everything you need to know in order to be prepared for your first game jam! You can read more on the workshop page.

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Am I welcome?

All are welcome, student and non-student alike. No previous experience is needed and the event is free of charge.

Can I join the jam remotely?

Not completely as we want to keep this game jam on site. You are free to work remotely but introduction, review and play testing events will be on site. Make sure you can visit for them or have a team member there to represent you.

How are groups selected? Do I need a team?

Groups will be randomized for brainstorming purposes, but you are free to work with whomever you like. The starting groups will allow you to find people sharing similar ideas. We make sure everyone finds someone to work with.

Do I need to have a team to participate?

You can work alone or in teams. It is more fun to jam in teams so we highly encourage you to find one.

Do I need to follow the theme?

The theme is there for inspiration during brainstorming. If you have your own idea or an already existing project feel free to work on it.

Do I need to be able to program?

Not at all! Game design covers all kind of fields such as art, music, design, storywriting, level creation and problemsolving. Anyone who is eager to create is welcome.

What can I make my game in?

Anything, a lot of jammers favor using game engines for the ease of use but participants have used everything from custom made programming languages to Google spreadsheets. A good list of resources can be found in our list of tools.

Can I use assets packs or reuse code?

Yes, feel free to use anything you have to make a kickass game.

Last updated: 2024-03-21