NCPC 2019

Here follows some information about The Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest.

The event starts off at 10:00 (Note: no 'akademisk kvart', but 10 am sharp) in Ada Lovelace, entrance 27 of B-building, with information detailing the contest rules, and words from our sponsors. Sign-up is free, and closes on the 2nd of October. Lunch will be provided - we'll be ordering pizza.

Registration can be done via the link above, for teams of size up to three members. If you want to compete, don't have a team, and don't want to participate alone, you can alternatively send an email to with "ncpc signup" in the title, and stating whether you are ICPC eligible (see below), before 12:00 on the 2:nd of October.

Note that prizes and progress to nationals can only be offered to teams that are ICPC eligible, that is if your participants:

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