NCPC 2020

Here follows some information about the Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest 2020. The contest will be held at November 7.

Update 2020-10-31

Due to the new recommendations from Folkhälsomyndigheten (sadly only a Swedish link, but you can find it in the news if needed) the contest will only be held online.


Important dates:

Contest schedule November 7:


Due to Covid-19 the contest will look a bit different than usual. Teams will be able to compete from home if they so wish, and due to this there is a limit of one computer per team member rather than the usual one computer per team.

For those interested and willing, LiTHe kod will offer access to university computer labs and free food on the day of the contest. Due to the new rules above, however, this is not a requirement for participating. For those competing on-site we will begin at 10:00 in Ada Lovelace, door 27 in B-huset, with information about the contest rules and a few words from our sponsors.

We will begin at 10:00 in our Discord Server with a streamed intro presentation.

We will also have a warm up one week before the contest (October 31) in our Discord server, starting at around 11:00. Come and ask questions about competitive programming in general or NCPC specifically. There won't be any planned happenings, so if you're wondering how competitive programming actually works, this is a good place to ask.

Registrations will be handled through the link at the top for teams with up to three people. If you don't have a team to compete with and don't want to compete by yourself (or if you are two people looking for a third), send an e-mail to with "ncpc registration" somewhere in the subject line, at or before November 1. Please include if you are ICPC eligible (see below) and if you want to compete on-site or not. Due to the current situation, a wish to compete off-site will take priority.

Note that progress to NWERC can only be offered to teams that are ICPC eligible, that is, if your participants:

Last updated: 2023-04-28