NCPC - 2022

Linköpings Universitet will host an on-site competition for the The Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest (NCPC) on Saturday October 8th. You may compete in teams of up to three persons with one computer together. Registration is done via the ICPC site, read more here. Registration closes 5th October - so make haste!

The top two teams from Linköping will get a chance to qualify further to the NWERC contest hosted in Delft, Netherlands! Note that your team must be marked as eligible on the ICPC site for this.

In case there should be any changes, please register here so we can reach you.

Any questions will be answered at by mail.

Schedule October 8th


LiTHe kod will provide access to computer labs, free lunch and baloons for solved problems during the competition. But because the rules above it is not a must for participating. For those on campus the day starts 10:00am in Ada Lovelace, entrance 27 in the B-house, with information about the rules and some words from our sponsors. Contestants contesting from home will have a stream in our Discord server.

There will also be a warmup one week before the competition (October 2nd) with start ~11:00am. The warmup competition will be on Kattis for anyone who wants to test out the system. Come and ask questions about competetive programming or NCPC! There is not specific schedule, so if you wonder about how competetive programming actually works, this is the time to ask. (You can of course ask us on regular meetups as well.)

Qualification for NWERC can only be offered to teams that are qualified for ICPC, meaning all team members:

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