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Spring Game Jam 2023

18:00 12th May - 18:00 14th May

While you're waiting, come hang out in our Discord server!

Spring Game Jam 2023

Get ready for this year's edition of Spring Game Jam! Join us and build kickass games together during a weekend. Once again IN REAL LIFE!


The game jam will take place on site at Spektrum, Ebbepark in Linköping, Sweden. The location has Wi-Fi but no physical network outlets.

How to participate

In order to participate in the jam, show up at Spektrum at (or a bit before) 18:00 12th May. Bring the equipment you need in order to create games: laptop and peripherals, or physical game components.

Also, optionally:

  1. Join the jam page where we would like for you to upload the resulting game too, so it is more accesible and can be added to our game archive: Archive
  2. Join our Discord to get announcements during the jam: Discord invite
  3. Join the Facebook event
    This helps us approximate the number of attending jammers for better planning.


Friday 12th May

Saturday 13th May

Sunday 14th May


The themes are generated at the start of the jam by taking random pairs of words submitted by participants. They will be added at the top of this page after the start of the jam.

Theme word rules:

Our theme process ensures unique and challenging themes each jam. The themes are there for inspiration during brainstorming but you can pick something else as well.

Last updated: 2023-05-10