The hardware group

Welcome to LiTHe kod's hardware group! We are a subgroup to LiTHe kod who are interested in hardware and other hardware-adjacent programming, like programmable hardware, micro controllers and embedded system.

On February 22nd we will have our first event: an FPGA introduction evening at Goto10!

Since we're a pretty new subgroup we don't have any planned activities. But that also means there are more possibilities to have a say! If you're interested in what were up to, or just want to learn more, please get in touch. We are most easily reached in the channel #hårdvara in LiTHe kod's Discord server or during LiTHe kod's meetups every Tuesday in Café Java.

Here's a list of things we're thinking about doing:

We also have a small collection of Arduino Uno, Raspberry Pi and external components. We'll gladly help out if you want to try programming a smaller computer than you're used to.

Last updated: 2024-02-14